Helped by an Angel

Hobart, IN
Family in need

I am ac single mom of two i work at a grocery store and have been unable to work the last 3 weeks due to exposure to corona virus and my nipsco is...


Punxsutawney , PA
People's gas bill

I am having a difficult time and unable to make all of my bills. I am looking at a termination for my gas bill to inability to pay . I am disabled...


Matteson , IL

Hello, This has been a hard road for me. I had a cartilage transplant in November, I was supposed to return back to work in March. I started my...


Matteson, IL
Water bill

Just trying to make ends meet during the pandemic I’m a single mom of one trying to make things happen without having a job or breaking down in...


Richton park , IL
Help With WaterBill

Hello, I am a single parent of my 7 year old daughter who is now being homeschooled due to Covid-19 . I have been unable to work and still...


Stillwater , OK
Help with this months electric bill

For those of you that don’t know me my name is Joshua Dial, I served as Joe Exotic‘s campaign manager at when he ran for governor in 2018....


Killeen, TX
We need help with our electricity bill.

We moved into our home the week before the nation shut down for covid. My husband works two low paying jobs 60 hours a week while I stay home to...


Bellwood , IL
My Little Family

I am a single mother of 4 who is struggling to pay my bills. With homeschooling a special education 3rd grader and 2 toddlers and taking care of a...


Leander, TX
I Need An Angel

Hello : I am so grateful for Bill Angel especially during this time. I am applying for assistance with paying utilities as my husband recently...


Coal City, IL
Nicor Gas

My Husband has been paying arrears and current child child support. For a 21 year old and a 26 yr old. So because he didn't take care of his...


Chicago, IL
Depressed Unemployed Mom

Hello my name is Shirley and I am struggling right now due to Covid-19. This pandemic has caused me to loose my job therefore I am concerned of how...


Waukegan, IL

I am a mother of two, one toddler and I am currently expecting a baby girl. I am not working at the moment and cannot afford to pay this bill. Im 6...