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Villa Rica , GA
Need assistance

I had to take a leave of absence from work due to the overwhelming things COVID has allowed us to see. I am a social worker by profession and I...


Murfreesboro , TN
Car insurance

Hey my name is Obadiah Morris and I got in to a wreck and my insurance went sky rocket and I had other bills to take care of so I can’t afford...


Harts, WV
Our Jeep payment

Hello my name is Jon. I’ve worked hard all my life I was a cola miner for 15y and went into pipelining about 3y ago. Me and my wife have three...


Matteson, IL
Car note

Having a four year old daughter I need my car to be reliable I have been on time but because of COVID I just been going through because not having...


Baytown , TX
I'm single mom unemployed right now do to the pandemic & don't...

Hello my name is Starsha Abrantes I live in Baytown and I am currently unemployed I have been since May 1st I have been dealing with health issues...