Emergency dental bill

My filling fell out and I went to my local dentist that has a sliding scale based on your income becsuse I have no dental insurance they simply filled the tooth but a month later the tooth was infected and needed to be pulled the dentist kept pushing my appointment further and further out and the pain was so extreme I became sick. I finally got an appointment at their sister dental office to get the tooth pulled but even with sliding scale at both locations my bills combined were 210.00. I'm on a very low SSI income and have only been able to make one payment of 25.00 just recently. My first appointment was under review because of how the procedure was handled, the resulting infection had entered my blood stream and caused skin sensitivity to fragrances. At first they said not to pay until after the review now they are asking for it all or I go to collections. I need a miracle

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Michell S
Cave junction,OR



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