I'm single mom unemployed right now do to the pandemic & don't qualify for unemployment

Hello my name is Starsha Abrantes I live in Baytown and I am currently unemployed I have been since May 1st I have been dealing with health issues having headaches and dizzy spells the doctors keep sending me to specialist and they can't find out what is going on my next specialist is a ear doctor in the meantime I have applied at nursing homes but they are on a hiring freeze right now and my transmission went out in my car and I owe the transmission guy money in order for me to be able to have my car I am behind on my light bill and my water bill so I need help with these I'm behind on my car payment to but I'm not trying to ask for too much help I would really appreciate it I have called all churches United Way Red Cross and I can't seem to get any help and it would help to take some stress off my shoulders because my landlord decided to go up on my rent starting September 1st even though we're going through a pandemic and he knows I am unemployed

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