Everything happens for a reason but wow

At the age of 25 I became a single mother of 2 amazing boys. My oldest son joined the military his junior year of high school and is now stationed in El Paso, TX, is married and now expecting his first child. My youngest is a junior in high school who struggles with multiple mental health setbacks. I joined the corporate world at the age of 17 and remained with that same company until a year and a half ago when the company decided to "restructure" their business model which no longer included me. In May of 2019, I started my own company - Behind-the-Scenes Consulting, which allowed me to work from home and be more present for my younger son during his last years of school. My company offered behind-the-scenes work for independent sales reps in the gift & souvenir industry from which I spent my entire adult career in. Things were going very well and I was on track to have my start-up costs paid off and be making a profit by August 2020. On March 13th 2020 my entire world was flipped upside down. My income came from sales reps working the Caribbean, Florida and Louisiana which were all shuttered as a result of the Covid-19 shutdowns. I was able to bring in a little bit of money each month from unemployment which has been a god send. As of right now, my son is still home doing full-time remote learning which is a very real struggle when you have a teenage boy who desperately needs the social/emotional interaction with others in order to be successful. As for my industry, it is not looking good. The Caribbean tourist industry is looking at a comeback by 2023 & Florida and Louisiana are starting to open now but are not expecting to start seeing tourist again until Q2 2021. As soon as my son returns to in-person learning I am hoping to find a couple jobs close to home as my car isn't in the best of shape. I strongly believe that everything happens for a reason and I live by my faith in that understanding. This chapter of life has definitely brought many challenges mentally, emotionally and financially for myself and my family but I pray that this chapter is nearing an end and the next will be the best yet.

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