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In the beginning of the pandemic I had my second child. In order to pay rent I cashed out all vacation and well time since my job does not provide paid maternity leave. I took my required six weeks of leave and stayed home an extra two weeks to be with my child. I was able to make rent but got behind on all other bills. Power was the hardest to keep up on and easiest to forget about unfortunately especially with the added expenses of a new child. Mid summer we ended up evacuating our home due to the wildfires and air quality for my children which cost what we didn't have considering gas to leave and such. Luckily we were able to come home a few days later. I work full time in healthcare but am supporting a family of four on a single income in a small home. Between bills,covid, the fires, children and life kicking us where it hurts it's been a crazy year and I'm just looking for a little bit of help.

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Jennifer T
Oregon city,OR



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