Lost Power During The Pandemic.

Hello, my name is Maria a mother of 4, currently the only provider in the house hold. Our situation with our bills started 03/2019 when my daughters father got pulled over and had to start paying for a lawyer. Since then we’ve had difficult time paying the bills. When things were getting better for us, two of my daughters, daughters father, and myself tested positive for covid-19. My daughters recovered within 2.5 weeks, but i took a month and a half to recovered. Our main provider, being my daughters father took more then 2.5 months in a full recovery agains covid-19. We then started working again, a month and a half later my older daughter gets covid-19 for a second time, making me take time away from work to provide for my daughters care. which was about a month of myself being unemployed. Even though we all attempted to work and get back on our feet it’s been a really long way. About a month ago my daughters father got put in jail over a traffic violation and the next day from his intake out light was cut off. We struggled to maintain bills, but now we are living w no electricity which means no heater! We are currently still in a tough situation and we are asking for help as our main provider cannot help us. I have been in and out the hospital and clinics due to multiple illnesses of mine and I could really use the help, especially with the colder weather approaching I really need electricity . Please and Thank You.

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