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The picture I chose for this is me on the left in isolation gear with an awesome PCA at the hospital I work at. I am 38 years old. I am a mother to four children, ages 21 to 12. I am a full time registered nurse at Marshall Medical Centers North and a part time RN at Crossville Health and Rehab. I have been a nurse four years. It was later in life when I decided what I wanted to do for a career. In order to go back to college, my husband worked two jobs, but we usually had to borrow (take out loans) to pay for unexpected costs. Then two years into being a nurse I had to have back surgery. There was no putting it off, as I could not walk or sit for any period of time longer than ten mins and my legs would go numb and would be in excruciating pain. We were still paying back extensive loans, with high interest rates from me going to college and had to pay thousands out of pocket for my surgery. Luckily we were able to get a loan for that as well. I was sent to the Laser Spine institute where they gave me my mobility back without a spinal fusion. I was unfortunately out of work for 12 weeks. And at this time I was the main income for our family. During my time out of work, my car was totaled and we only had liability insurance. So had to take another loan out for a vehicle. Mind you, I don’t spend a lot on a vehicle. I found a reliable vehicle for $7000 with a decent payment and interest rate. Well with life there’s always unexpected costs and over the next year things continued to add up. Our bills extended our income but we lived paycheck to paycheck and managed one day at a time. To me, money isn’t everything. It got to the point I got my second job. All the while we are slowly chipping away at debts/loans. Paying any extra we can on what we can. Then Covid hit. I was hit hard. I was out of work for three weeks with Covid and took me a few more weeks to fully feel better, and my hospital did not pay for me to be out sick. I was able to receive unemployment, but when your bills are based on what you usually bring home, unemployment doesn’t cover everything. So between the time of my surgery and now, we have had to choose to let stuff get behind in order to put food on the table, pay electric bill, mortgage etc. I’m now able to start paying on the loan again, but I am $1,214.70 behind and owe a total of $4,714.63. I know I can not complain by any means about the life I have. I am healthy and I have a job, car, roof over my head. I am truly thankful for all I have, but if there’s an angel out there who is able to cover this medical loan for me and my family, it would mean the world to us. I am still working 5-6 nights a week (most 12 hour shifts) to pay our bills. God bless you for creating this page and helping people.

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