I have been having a hard time and big streak of bad very bad luck. This is part of my story my sister set a go fundame page for me.. I will also add to the bottom.. Thank you so much for your time.. My Sister is the type of person that will give you anything or do anything for you if she can. She has helped many people through the years. She helped a friend that had 3 brain anerizum at one time. When the Dr.s said she had gone as far as she would in her progress, Sheila wouldn't stop there made it her mission to bring her to work every day and teach her. Before this the Dr's believed she would never live alone and / or raise her children, she has done that and more. Sheila has helped a girl that was scared to leave her home. She gave her a job at the salon. Showed her many things that she would need to know about in finding a job and let her get comfortable with people slowly and on her terms. Now she is able to work outside the home. And she has moved out of her parents home doing so well on her own. She also helps people get shots for their pets when they can't afford them. She has help collect food for others that had less or none.. And during the summer she gathers leftover yarns where ever she can and makes mittens and scarfs to drop off at the homeless shelter. Sheila has stated many times she does her work for the animals. When she was finally able to get back to work, in notifying some of her customers that she was taking appointments, some of these people stated they were not back to work and no money for grooming. After accessing the situation. Sheila would either offer a cut rate or free grooming so the dog was taken care of.. SHEILA now needs help. This past year has been very tough. In November, Her family found out her husband has terminal cancer. While she was in the middle of moving her grooming shop. Her car they have been leasing it and her lease is up August 17 th and she can't afford it or to get another car. With all their dr. appointments they really need one. Two days after getting back to work after the the virus shutdown, she found out she had blood clots in her lungs. Two weeks ago she broke her wrist and isn't able to work 4weeks. Her last appointment she was told the break was mending well BUT.. It has also formed a calcium deposit. This deposit severed the tendon to her thumb , she has no use of her thumb and will need surgery ASAP. The surgery is going to be August 17th. She will be out of work for another 8-12 weeks.. The ladies are trying to keep the shop going but some people like to wait for Sheila.. Sheila has made arrangementsith some of her creditors but others will not budge. And all her savings has been used up. We would like to help get some of the stress off, help so she doesn't loose her grooming shop. She can get a vehicle to depend on. Thank you Right now im staying home to care for my husband who has terminal cancer they have given him about 3 months to live.. i am also mending from surgery on my wrist. but also want to stay with him.. All this time of illness has taken all my savings and the 2 bills we have let go was the utility bill knowing my husband needed that for life substaning equipment they couldn't shut us off.. I had hoped things would get better and I would catch up and it has gotten away from me.. My other bill is my car pay ment I lease my car I think i am 4 months behind.. i can't afford the balloon payment to keep it can't afford another to get us both to Drs appointments.. But now I'm in default and they tell me i can go to jail I feel lost I just keep getting buried. Drs keep putting on meds telling me things will get better.. how.. im losing hope...

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