Our Jeep payment

Hello my name is Jon. I’ve worked hard all my life I was a cola miner for 15y and went into pipelining about 3y ago. Me and my wife have three kids Brookelynn 10, Caiden 2, kimber 8m. Ever since I got laid off work back around January life has been very hard for us and that’s around the time kimber was born. Since COVID has hit finding work is very hard and I’ve not had any luck I do get unemployment but it’s not very much around $200 our Jeep payment is $500 a month. We ended up having to let our home go and move in with my wife’s parents because we couldn’t afford the utilities. After that we have now moved in with my mom because she is sick we haven’t been able to make a complete payment on our Jeep since July and they are coming to recollect it Tuesday to my knowledge. I am I man of faith and believe in my heart God will provide us a miracle and everything will be ok. I hate asking for help because I’ve always been able to provide and make a way for my family but it seems this time it going to have to be God cause Jon can’t do it.

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